The Tales of the Tails

We bought Yogi from a breeder in our area. The lady would not allow us to come to her place but wanted to meet in a Walmart parking lot. When we did purchases like that or went to auctions of breeders, we would not reveal that we were rescuers. Yogi was a big Lhasa, and most like had some Tibetan Terrier in him as well. When we first got him his coat of black with just a touch of gray, felt like straw, probably from the cheap dog food he had been given. In the following months his coat softened up with an improved diet and added vitamins Darlene was feeding him. Yogi got his name because he would sit up on his two hind legs, front paws out and down. He looked just like one of those chain saw cut bears, cut out of a piece of tree trunks. Yogi, though the biggest size- wise of the pack was just a big teddy bear. He was pure joy. Always happy and never gave much thought to his position in our growing numbers of our pack. The dog was never sick, never had behavioral problems, love people and was gentile with kids. He too loved the beach, and could walk forever, never tiring. Thankfully, because he weighted almost thirty eight pounds and was too heavy to carry very far.
He too liked to get dressed up and always had a natural smile on his face.
We had to go to a family event out of town and could not take the dogs, so we hired a friend to stay at the house and dog and house sit for a few days. We had been gone for just a day when Louise called our dog sitter Melisa to see how things were going with the guys.
Melisa related to Louise this story. She had put all the dogs to bed and had been asleep herself for several hours, when out of the darkness, she distinctly hear, “Hey you.” she awoke up to hear it again, “Hey, you.” She got out of bed, got a gun out of her bag. She was x-military thus the gun. Slowly she went down stairs searching the whole house finding nothing. Again just as she was going back upstairs she hear it clearly, she turned only to find Yogi. It had been Yogi hacking, which he would do from time to time and if you did not know, it did sound like, “Hey you. “